Sunday, 15 January 2012

Indescribable Love

There is a love that can change us from the inside out. There’s a love that moves past our defences, selfishness and even sin, if we’d only let it. This love is powerful and life changing. It’s gentle enough to touch and move our hearts, filling us with unexplainable joy. This love is pure and beautiful. It’s selfless and full of mercy. This love is indescribable.

Many people don’t see it or choose to ignore it. They know that if they let it in, it’ll break down the walls that give them a false sense of security and power. If it finds its way into their hearts, they know they won’t be able to hide anymore. But if they let that love inside, they will be given the gift of grace and forgiveness. This love is one strong enough to cover our sins and purify us anew. What is this love, you may wonder. This is the love of Jesus Christ. And it’s more than that. This love is Jesus. Jesus is true love.

There was once a day long ago when a Man was killed, though He had done nothing wrong. He was betrayed, denied, abandoned, mocked and flogged. He was beaten and scorned by those whom He had made. That day man mocked their Creator. Then the Man hung on a cross, bearing the sin of the world on His shoulders. He cried out in pain before giving up His life for a world that rejected Him. This is true love. He wasn’t just some man; He was the Son of God. He was and is the face of love. For three days later He rose again, death having no power over Him. On that day, we were shown the true face of love.

With this love, God made and formed us tenderly. With this love, Jesus gave His life up for us, so that we may have life. And with this love, Jesus the Son of God offers you Himself. But love comes with a choice; to accept it or reject it, to embrace it or to shun it.

This is the One I live for. Without Him, life loses all meaning and purpose. Jesus is love! And He offers this indescribable love to all people. We are left with the choice; take it or leave it. I’ve chosen to accept the most amazing gift we’ll ever be offered, what will you choose?


  1. Hi Jessie
    A very inspiring post, you write sooo beautifully. :) Looking forward to your next post.
    God bless you,
    Lots of love

  2. This is so good Jess! Thank you for that :) xxx

  3. thanks Perrin and pleasure! :)


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