Bucket List

40 things on my bucket list are:

1.      Finish school
2.      Study at a University and get a degree
3.      Go sky diving
4.      Go to Europe
5.      Win a writing competition
6.      Bring many people to Jesus Christ
7.      Go to every continent in the world
8.      Publish several books
9.      Help many people in extreme poverty
10.  Free a slave
11.  Sail on a ship
12.  Sail around the world in eighty days
13.  Live in my house ‘o dreams
14.  Learn to speak three or four languages fluently
15.  Own an old red Mini with a white roof!
16.  Go on several mission trips
17.  Drive a quad bike 
18.  Learn how to surf
19.  Go on a road trip from South Africa to Egypt
20.  Go on a four-hour out ride on horse back
21.  Own a small personal library
22.  Climb the Eiffel Tower
23.  See the Seven Wonders of the World
24.  Live by the ocean
25.  Have my own personal writing and arts studio room
26.  Write a children’s book with my own illustrations
27.  Act in a drama play
28.  Overcome my fear of public speaking
29.  Bring God into everyday conversations
30.  Learn to believe in myself
31.  Have faith that can move mountains
32.  Witness a miracle
33.  Publish a book of poems
34.  Become a well-known author
35.  Go on the Amazing Race
36.  Learn to play an instrument
37.  Spread my wings and leave the nest
38.   Speak to a stranger in a British accent
39.  Do amazing things for God all for His glory
40.  Serve God faithfully all my life

~Jess Leigh J

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