Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Mile in Their Shoes

A choice could change your life, or someone else’s. A choice could destroy your life, or save someone else’s.  Imagine, our very lives and where they are heading are based on choices.  Life is just choice; you could end it in a second. And many teenagers do. Between the ages of 15 and 34, one of the three leading causes of death is suicide. Teen suicide is a terrible, but I believe preventable, death. How worthless and hopeless do you have to feel to choose to end your own life?  How alone and desperate must you be to commit suicide? Suicide is just one choice, but so is choosing to save a life.

If we just reached out to those who don’t fit in, to those no one bothers to talk to, to those who are alone and struggling, perhaps we could save someone’s life. It’s so easy to judge and to look the other way. When we look at other people, we may think: “That person’s just so weird..... that teen is just too wild... why should I even want to be their friend?” But what if we chose to live out Christ’s love towards people who are usually pushed aside because they aren’t cool enough or are just different?  Instead of condemning, what if we followed in Jesus’ footsteps by being a friend to the unruly and wild ones? A smile, a kind word, or just a gesture that shows that they’re not invisible or too far gone to be saved goes a long way.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives and affairs that we forget about others. I’m speaking to myself here. How many times have I judged someone by mere appearance? How many times have I looked the other way because I thought someone was too strange, wild or annoying to waste any time on them? Too many times to count. But the truth is, every person on this earth is broken inside and just covering it up in their different ways. Each person has a story, has some kind of struggle they’re going through and just need help. Every person on earth as a void inside them that only Jesus can fill. Everyone, including me and you, needs to be healed by the Saviour. I’m so quick to condemn, but how can I judge when I have no idea what someone else is going through, when I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes? Instead of judging or ignoring others, we should be showing the people around us the love of Jesus. We should be showing them that there is Someone who loves them so much that He died for them. Our actions should point others to Jesus. And who knows, the choice to be friendly and kind to another could be the one that causes them to choose life over death. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Infinitely Great

Lately, God has been revealing some things to me. One of those things is that He is big. That might sound strange, as we know that God is big- or do we? Do we only know it in our minds but not really in our hearts? What He has been showing me is something of how big He is. He is bigger than my problems, than my fears, than my doubts; bigger than anything I will ever go through. He is infinitely great.

Sometimes I forget this. In the midst of worries and trouble, I forget at times how powerful and mighty my God is. When we overlook the solid and unchanging fact that God has everything in control and that He has our lives in His very hands, we begin to worry.  As human beings, we are prone to anxiety, yet it is actually a sign of not trusting God. It is a sign that we do not understand that He can turn our bad into good; it is sign that we do not really believe that He knows what He is doing. It sounds harsh and burns my own ears, but it’s true. We need to realise that trust means to stop worrying and doubting; it means to rely fully on God.

It’s a challenge, but it’s one that will make our lives so much easier. The fact that Jesus is greater than every single thing in the entire universe is a source of immense comfort. Just knowing that God has my future under control puts my apprehension to rest. Fully relying on God will take a huge burden off of our shoulders. As you surrender everything into His hands, know that nothing is too difficult or too complicated for Him.  Though we will let worry and doubt overcome us at times, remember how powerful our Saviour is. Remember that He is infinitely great.

Friday, 20 July 2012

New Blog!

Hey everyone!
I just created a new blog called Scribblings of a Dreamer. It's going to be my writing and art work blog. Below is a little more about it (as written on that blog):

"This blog is where I post art, writing and poetry. I have loved to draw and write since I was a little girl. Some day, I want to publish a novel, if it is God’s will, and I am considering becoming a journalist or something to do with writing. While art is more of a beloved hobby, writing is a passion of mine; it’s something I feel called to do. There’s something thrilling about stringing words together to create a picture, a story or a message. Furthermore, I want my writing, and even my art, to reflect the One who gave me these gifts: Jesus. I hope that my scribbling inspire you, as well as point you to the Creator."

I hope that you will check it out at and will support me by following! :)

~Jess Leigh~

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Groans of the Enslaved

27 million. That’s the number of people today who are held in slavery. That’s the number of innocent lives wrecked by bondage and enslaved by others. Denied all the rights of a human being, they are forced into a life as someone else’s property. In the 21st Century, these slaves are real. We just don’t see them and we just can’t hear them. They are a voiceless people who earnestly want to be free. The groans of the enslaved are reaching up to heaven, but shall we turn a deaf ear? They need a voice. They need you and I.

When we think of slavery, we think of people in slave markets, in chains and fields hundreds of years ago. We see it as a thing of the past. But there are slaves in every country, right under our noses.  Somehow, it’s just not so obvious that there are more slaves today than in any other era in history. Slavery has been covered up and swept under the mat out of sight. Society has turned a blind eye, but the enslaved ones are waiting to be heard; they’re waiting be freed.

We sit in our comfy homes, living our own lives, while 27 million people are held in captivity and can’t go anywhere without permission. 27 million people are being forced into labour, prostitution, war soldiers and other forms of slavery. 27 million people! -27 million people that cannot be ignored. We all have a part to play in freeing the slaves. They are only voiceless because we haven’t given them a voice. The public needs to be told. We have to step into action and stop waiting around for someone else to fix the problem. We need to spark some radical change in this world. We need to free the slaves! Hear and respond to their groans that are rising heavenward........ 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Ocean's Symphony

A blue-green expanse of turbulent water and pounding waves stretch as far as the eye can see. The sound of crashing water fills the air, as white foam sprays into the sky. The ocean. The very name sends thrills up my spine. Closing my eyes, I feel that something about the wild yet beautiful ocean is calling out to me. It also brings to mind afresh the power and majesty of the One who created it.

The ocean has a voice of its own, though it’s not one of endless words. It’s a symphony made up of rolling waves, crashing water, a salty spray and smell, and a never-ending beauty. It whispers a story of Someone who arouses awe and wonder; a story of Someone who is full of power and glory: the Lord of the Universe. Looking out at something so dangerous, yet so wonderful, as the ocean and knowing that Jesus can silence it with a word reminds me again of how great my God is. Just knowing that He created it proves what a powerful and amazing God I serve.

Furthermore, the joys the ocean and its surrounding offer me are great. Walking along the beach, exploring rock pools, searching for shells and romping on sand dunes are wonderful pleasures. But best of all is running along the shore with the soft, white sand between my toes, a sea breeze and salty spray in my face and water coming and going around my ankles. It brings a sort of peaceful and contented joy. Not many words can describe the beauty of the ocean and none can describe the glory and majesty of the Creator. 

Why do I love the ocean so much? Perhaps that mysterious and magnificent span of water brings me closer to my Saviour. Perhaps the whispers of the ocean’s symphony tug at my heart, as they not only speak to me but also send up songs of praise towards heaven and I want to sing along. And finally, perhaps the wild and untamed ocean stirs up something within me, something that wishes to be carried away on its waters on a ship bent on adventure.....