Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Those Desert Days

I believe that something all followers of Christ go through at times is something I call desert days. I go through times when I feel as dry as the desert inside and God feels distant. It’s as if something has doused the passion that’s supposed to be burning within me and it’s left me feeling empty and lonely inside. It feels like I’m not growing or moving forward spiritually, though I yearn to. And I long to be filled with a burning passion for God and to feel closer to Him, but instead I’m like a desert inside. Is it just me, or do you also go through times like these? They come and go, and then God feels so close again, like a refreshing rain. I’m just being honest about something that most Christians, including me, are rather reluctant to talk about.  

I wonder why we experience those empty and dry feelings. I know that on His side, Jesus’ heart yearns to be closer to us and to have a stronger relationship with us. Maybe it’s because we get so caught up in our own lives that we lose something in the process. Maybe we stop fixing our eyes fully on the author and perfecter of our faith. If we don’t spend enough time with our friends, we sever our connection with them. And it’s the same with God. We need to spend quality time with Him and focus on Him during that time. I really struggle with this as my mind flies from one thing to the next with the speed of light. I think another thing is that we need to keep God at the top of our list of priorities; another, but worthwhile challenge.

So if there are any others out there who go through times of what I call drought, you’re not alone. During times such as these, I feel like clinging onto God even more, as if I can keep Him from moving away from me, when in reality I know that He’ll never leave me. I cry out to Him to full me up again with His spirit. Maybe these feelings are normal. Maybe as followers of Christ, the devil tries to cut our connection with Jesus, so as to distance us from Him. But we can’t let the enemy win. God is right there, as close as the air that surrounds us; He’s always faithful, always loving and always true. And in His timing, He’ll send a cleansing rain that stirs and revives us once again.

P.S So sorry I haven't posted in a long time. My life has been hectic with studying and exams! :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Final Year

The last year of school is something that inevitably sneaks up on all of us. When we were in primary school, we couldn’t wait for the day when we were finally finished with our twelve or so years of school. I remember counting down the years in anticipation when I was younger. But now I’m in the middle of my last year of school and it’s not as happy and “grown up” as I thought it would be.

Maybe I’m just different, but I’m sad that I’m finishing school. Not only are final exams looming scarily ahead, but it feels almost as if my childhood is about to end. Even though I will go to University, it’s time to go fully out into the world. Not only is that an exciting thought, but also a scary one. I’m just being honest; part of me feels like Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up. I don’t want to grow up and become old; I want to be forever young. And then again, I think that is possible. We can all be forever young in the inside. I guess I just love being the school girl and don’t want to let her go just yet.

But besides that fact, the future is exciting, if somewhat uncertain. I know that God has amazing plans for my life, as He does for yours. He knows exactly what the future holds and He will be with us every step of the way. I think it’s really comforting to have such a faithful and caring God leading us, don’t you? I know that, though my childhood may be ending and it’s my last year of being a school girl, God has an amazing future planned for me. I will follow the path He placed before me and follow where it leads. Who knows what God has in store for me? 

Monday, 7 May 2012


Poem written by Jess Leigh

Unwanted they come, unwanted they go,
Their tiny heartbeats are not treasured
Nor their precious lives cherished; no
Instead they are seen as a problem
That needs to be destroyed, although
The heart of God is forever breaking

They grow in a dark and unseen place
That is meant to be safe, but instead
Is a hole of coming pain and un-grace.
Unloved, they leave the leave the world with hardly
A catch of light nor a glimpse of another’s face,
Their cries unheard and their tears unseen.

The ending of their heart’s tiny beat
Is accepted and justified as right by many,
Who feel not the fear nor the complete
Pain of the unseen ones who suffer in silence,
Their heartbeats ignored and their lives discreet
By the choice of those who carry them.

In this world, there is no resting place; none
At all for those who shall never have
The chance to live, laugh nor run
Nor to love, sing, speak or behold beauty,
But shall pass on as an unwanted one,
Their hearts stopped before their lungs’ first breath.

There is One who loves them still,
Whose heart is breaking in two over each stilled life.
He shall gather them to His Kingdom’s hill,
And cherish and love and delight in them there;
With all of His Fatherly heart, He will
Protect each heartbeat that others had cast aside.

I’m sure be the time you have finished reading this poem you will have guessed what the theme is: abortion. 150 thousand babies are aborted every day. Every form of abortion is painful and Violent, yet it is a legal form of murder. These babies need a voice, will you give them one?