Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rain Fall Down

There is something so soothing and beautiful about rain falling from a cloudy sky. As I stare out my window, watching as the world before my eyes is being cleansed, I feel peace settling upon me from the inside out. And I feel happiness, as if I suddenly know that everything that is going wrong in my life will work out. Perhaps it is the cool air or the sound of rain as the drops splash gently against the window; Perhaps it is the knowledge that the tears of heaven are making the flowers and trees happy; Or maybe it is even how those small droplets can change scenery so drastically and beautifully that fills me with such serenity on a rainy day. 

The feel of rain on my bare skin gives me a child-like thrill of abandon and freedom.  God’s gift of water from the skies is not only for the plants, but it is also for me; it is a reminder of His everlasting goodness. Somehow, rain goes with all things creative. There’s nothing like writing, listening to classical music, doing art or reading good literature whilst there is a soft drizzle outside. And creativity is a core part of who am, so I love anything that inspires more of it into my soul. Rain is like peace coming straight out of the clouds of heaven, giving me a taste of God’s gloriousness.  I cherish each and every rare rainy day we have here, knowing that I will have to wait another while for my next day of soothing beauty. 


  1. I agree- there is something about rain that makes me feel God is nearby. I love rainy nights while spent in my room listening to it pound on the roof or dripping from the leaves. I loved your post Jess!! :)

  2. i agree
    hudson xxxxxxxxxxxxxo

  3. I know what you it feels so glorious to have rain on your skin. :) Beautiful post, Jessie.
    Tane ♥


Would love to have some colourful rain drops from you.... ;)