Monday, 12 December 2011

The Game of Tennis

This is a photo of a picture I drew

The small, yellow ball connects with the servers racket strings and whizzes through the air, over the net and hits the first green block on the court, shooting towards the receiver. The receiver returns the ball to the other side of the net, and the tennis match begins. The ball is played back and forth, each tennis player trying to outplay the other until someone makes a mistake and the first point is over. The game continues until someone wins.
The game of tennis needs well-placed shots, concentration, strategy and the ability to outsmart and outplay your opponent. Its a competitive and enjoyable game that you can play your whole life. This is a sport I love. This is the game of tennis.
Ive been playing tennis for about eight years now and started when I was about seven. Im not brilliant at this game but I love tennis. I get a boost when Im having a good day and am able to play well. I get a sense of satisfaction when I place a shot well and my opponent cant return it. Sometimes I just have to smile triumphantly at this. But I dont often feel like smiling when this happens to me in a match. I hate it when I have a bad day and I dont like to lose (I try to take it well, though I dont always succeed, but I never throw a tennis tantrum!). I guess this is because Im competitive. I dont think I really want to see what I call my “game face” during a tennis match, though.
However, I love my tennis lessons-when its not boiling hot- and tennis is a sport I want to play my whole life. I have to admit that socializing at tennis is a great aspect and perhaps increases my enjoyment of the game. Sometimes, though, talking and playing at the same time is very distracting and Ill blame those Im talking to for “making” me miss the ball! ;)
Tennis is not an easy game and needs lots of work and practice, but maybe thats why I feel satisfaction when I finally get a certain shot right. Though sometimes I have a bad day and get frustrated, especially when people lob the ball really high, and sometimes its just too hot (oh, the African sun), I love the game of tennis.


  1. Wow I love the picture!
    You write so fluently and Beautifully and I could go on for ages!


  2. I totally agree with Melissa!! Your writing is always interesting and fun to read. I could also go on for ages!!You did absolutely great with the picture, you're soo talented.
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  3. Brilliantly written, I enjoyed it, I agree with Melissa on this one :)) Well done :)) xxx

  4. Thanks for the entertaining read, Jess :) You're a natural!
    Perrin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you all! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!


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