Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Little Cat Prince

The votes on what poem I should post were equal, so I wrote the number of the poems on pieces of paper, put them in a tin and pulled one piece out. The poem below is the one I got. I wrote this poem in March this year, just after my beloved cat, Frodo, ran away. He never returned and I don't know what happened to him. I still miss Frodo a lot and this poem is written for him. This poem is the first poem written since I started to more "seriously" write poetry. I'm a better writer than poet, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. So here is my poem:

The Little Cat Prince

When I first received you,
You were a tiny, adorable, fluff ball of a kitten
Naughty, cute and playful you were, who
Had everyone smitten

Those pretty eyes of light green
Could melt a heart of stone
That long, fluffy tail was the cutest thing to be seen
And also that little spot on your foot all alone

My Frodo kitty too soon grew
Into a grown up cat, affectionate and sweet
Beautiful and fluffy too;
He could charm anyone for a treat

Among the cats, he was little prince
But then he disappeared one terrible day
And hasn't been seen since.
What has happened to my little golden ray?

Oh Frodo, Frodo, won't you come back home to me?
My sweet kitty, don't you know that I love you?
Don't just disappear, never again for me to see
I search, I call, I cry, but to no avail; what can I now do?

One day you were there
Purring and smiling at me in that catlike way
And the next you were gone, that I can't bear!
Don't leave without my say!

Frodo, Frodo, don't you know that I miss you?
Come home to me where you belong
Return to the person who cared for you, who
Loved and looked after you; for my sweet cat I long

Oh Little Cat Prince return from your wanderings to your awaiting kingdom.


  1. That is sooo sad. So sad. (sniff) I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better... Truly heart-breaking. Your poetry is good, Jess, and in this case, too good. :'(

  2. Hello Jessie,
    You made a beautiful poem, I loved it so much!! Your writing is great and you can always tell that it has been written by someone very talented. :) But I'm so very sorry about Frodo.
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  3. Thanks you two, you are both so sweet!


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