Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Greatest Artist

Photo taken by Jess Leigh

With great ingenuity and artistry, the Creator painted a beautiful Universe. He called forth the stars and made them shine in a sky of many different blues. Planets came into being and one of them He called Earth. Earth was special, for there he placed and created his living creations. The Creator painted a masterpiece of wonders and beauty with dashes of colour and inspiration. Works that leave you breathless with awe came into existence with a touch of the Artist’s brush.

All the beauty and nature around us that has the power to leave you speechless was made by the awesome Artist, the magnificent Creator. Sunsets of red, orange and pink, seas of deep, azure blue and forests with sun streaming through the spreading branches are all His design. God is the greatest Artist ever, the One who gave a black world colour and form. 

What we see here on earth is just a glimpse, just a peek-hole, of his brilliant glory, which one day those who follow Him will see fully. And on that day, no one will be able to stand in His presence; all will fall to their knees in worship of the Artist, the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Even though human beings have harmed and even destroyed much of his handiwork, there is still beauty to be seen wherever we look, and all of it is the beauty made by the King. Whether that beauty is in the face of a friend, the sun sinking in the sky or in a field of flowers, the Artist’s unique stamp is unmistakable.

God’s artistry is so amazing, so beautiful. No matter how hard those of us who love art (like me) try to copy his masterpiece, we’ll never get it perfectly right. For God is the greatest Artist there will ever be. His glorious nature and creations continue to astound me. And what we see now is just a tiny glance of Heaven. I can’t even begin to imagine what the Artist has painted there, but I know it will be worth waiting and fighting for. Meanwhile, I shall continue to be overwhelmed and in awe of the greatest Artist, the Creator of the Universe. 


Would love to have some colourful rain drops from you.... ;)