Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winds of Change

Before all these changes come suddenly and without warning, I want to let all my followers and fellow bloggers know that I will be doing some changes to my blog in the next week or two. They're not major but I do want to tell you about the biggest one.

New Name: I'm changing my blog's name to Colours of the Rain. 
First of all, my reason for changing the name is that naming it after myself is a bit boring and I only did that because at the time I couldn't think of anything else. Now a better blog name has come to mind and I've decided to go with it.
Secondly, you might be wondering at the meaning of the name. Well, in my eyes, life is a lot like the rain, always changing; sometimes stormy, sometimes peaceful. And through all this, life is also full of different colours; sometimes grey, sometimes full of colour. Also, I love both rain and colour, and see them as beautiful, just like life, though it doesn't always feel that way. And somehow, the name fits my topics: different aspects of life, which can be anything under the sun actually. Sometimes this blog is about my life, sometimes about things we all go through in life, and sometimes just things in life in general. But I always want this blog to be about the Creator of life: my Lord and Saviour Jesus, the one who gave colour to this rainy life. He's the One I want to glorify. So in some time, you shall see the heading Colours of the Rain at the head of my blog page.....

Additional changes: along with the name change, will come some other small changes to fit it, such as design etc, but nothing else that big. My URL won't change and I shall still be called Jess Leigh.

So that's about all. Let me know your views and opinions on this new name.

Jess Leigh


  1. Looking forward to seeing your 'changed' blog! :) I love your new blog name, Jess!

  2. hey my name is Autumn I just started to follow your blog I think it is cool that you are making some changes to your blog

    Oh and by the way I love Jesus to!!!!!!

  3. hi I am here again come see my blog I taged you

  4. I think that is a wonderful name, very beautiful and poetic, a brilliant change (not that I have anything against your name ;)). I've been meaning to tell you how impressed I am at your work on this blog and how well you've maintained it. You haven't forgotten about it or let it collect dust, well done! Better than I could do by far. Perrin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Thanks for following my blog, Autumn! I'll go check out yours and follow you!


Would love to have some colourful rain drops from you.... ;)