Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Golden Kingdom

   Photo taken by Jess Leigh

After this life, after death has taken me
Awaits a Kingdom by the crystal-blue sea;
There I shall meet the Saviour of my life
But first I have to go through the trials and strife

Oh, the beautiful Kingdom by the shore
Where only love and joy forth-pour
There I shall never cry or feel pain,
There I shall see my Lord and King reign

Before Him every knee will bow and
And every tongue confess that He is Lord. In that great land
Shall we glorify the King of kings;
To the Lord of lords all creation sings

The Golden Kingdom full of beauty and grace
Will meet me at the end of life's race
There I will live forever more
With my Saviour by the glorious shore.


  1. Amazing poem...did you do it? If you did, WELLLL DOONNNE!!!!! Loved it, Jess!

  2. That photo reminds me of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Love it!


  3. Hey, great blog, I enjoyed reading some of your latest posts!!! Your set up is great and I love the pictures, America is so beautiful!! Yes, the dawntreader resemblance is there!! Have a great day!! You are invited to follow my blog anytime!! God bless

  4. Yes I did write it!
    Thanks for the kind comment, running4him! I'll check out your blog and you're welcome to follow my blog too, if you want to! ;)


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