Friday, 30 March 2012


Written By Jess Leigh
Joy are the beautiful things
In life that are happy and carefree.
Joy springs from within us with airy wings,
Soaring over a deep blue sea.

Joy is in a startling sunset;
Breathtaking, sunny and bright.
It’s light streaming through clouds without a threat,
And it flies in the sky like a kite.

Joy is in the gentle rain,
Bringing life and healing
To a world and people full of pain.
Joy is so full of life it sends you kneeling.

Joy is a forest and a field of flowers,
Full of colour, peace and magnificence.
It’s in a room full of love, and it showers
Down from above with gentle assurance.

Joy is in a rainbow;
It’s a promise and a hymn,
It’s a gift from God that is there to show
Us a glimpse of a coming Kingdom


  1. What a nice poem. You are very talented at writing poems!! Thanks for sharing it!! Also, thanks for your comment on my blog!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. That is a AMASING poem thank you for becoming a member of my blog i really enjoy your poems and the butifull pictures. I hope you enjoy my blog as well as i enjoy yours!

    ~Joyfull, Emily!

  3. That was an awesome poem!! You are very talented. :)


  4. I saw that you stopped by my blog! Thank you!


  5. Hello Jess...I just wanted to let you know yesterday I wrote a post about you. Sorry I didn't tell you about it yesterday, but I kind of forgot to let you know... I hope that was okay? I thought I would just let you know so if you want to check it out!! Hope that your day is going well!!

  6. This is amazing and beautiful work, Jess! If I could favourite this post then I would!

  7. Thank you all for commenting!!!

  8. I love your new profile pic!!! And great job on the poem :-)


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