Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Feel of Autumn

Autumn is finally here, saving me from the heat of summer. I’m not a summer person. My favourite seasons are spring and autumn, where the air is cool and refreshing. There’s something about the feel of autumn that I love. Maybe it’s that soft cool breeze or the fresh smell wafting in the air. Maybe it’s the colours of gold and brown that adorn the trees or the gentle sun. Whatever it is, I absolutely love autumn. 

To me, autumn is a cosy time where light jerseys, jeans and scarves begin reappearing, hot drinks are in want and cuddling under a duvet again begins, though it’s not unbearably freezing cold.  Though autumn here is short and quickly jumps into a cold winter, the beauty of autumn still sprinkles all around me and the feel of it falls within me. Sometimes, I just want to stand outside and breathe it in. For those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere, have a great autumn!


  1. Wonderful post - you write so beautifully - you certainly will fulfill your dream of becoming a writer. :)

  2. Very nice! The pictures are beautiful! On The Greatest Day in History, someone left you a comment telling you that they awarded you!! I just wanted to let you know just incase you didn't see it!
    Have a lovely day Jess!

    Kari ♥

  3. I think you should become a writer! You whould be AWESOME at it!

    PS. What do you think your career is going to be?

    ~ Joyfull, Emily.

    1. I really want to be a writer and am thinking of studying journalism, but we'll see! Thanks for your kind comment! :)

  4. I love your blog! It's SO neat! And I really like the "live, laugh, love" thing on the side bar!
    You're pretty awesome.

    Leah Nicolette

  5. P.S. I awarded you over at my blog!

  6. Hello, I found your blog from Britt's (encouragment for everyday struggles) I love your Blog introduction...It's so optimistic...I truely love a fellow optimist...Lifes too short to live it as a pesimist...! Besides God didn't make us to always look for the bad in life, but the good...! Bye~Bye!


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