Monday, 7 May 2012


Poem written by Jess Leigh

Unwanted they come, unwanted they go,
Their tiny heartbeats are not treasured
Nor their precious lives cherished; no
Instead they are seen as a problem
That needs to be destroyed, although
The heart of God is forever breaking

They grow in a dark and unseen place
That is meant to be safe, but instead
Is a hole of coming pain and un-grace.
Unloved, they leave the leave the world with hardly
A catch of light nor a glimpse of another’s face,
Their cries unheard and their tears unseen.

The ending of their heart’s tiny beat
Is accepted and justified as right by many,
Who feel not the fear nor the complete
Pain of the unseen ones who suffer in silence,
Their heartbeats ignored and their lives discreet
By the choice of those who carry them.

In this world, there is no resting place; none
At all for those who shall never have
The chance to live, laugh nor run
Nor to love, sing, speak or behold beauty,
But shall pass on as an unwanted one,
Their hearts stopped before their lungs’ first breath.

There is One who loves them still,
Whose heart is breaking in two over each stilled life.
He shall gather them to His Kingdom’s hill,
And cherish and love and delight in them there;
With all of His Fatherly heart, He will
Protect each heartbeat that others had cast aside.

I’m sure be the time you have finished reading this poem you will have guessed what the theme is: abortion. 150 thousand babies are aborted every day. Every form of abortion is painful and Violent, yet it is a legal form of murder. These babies need a voice, will you give them one?


  1. wonderful post and poem Jess! Your poem was very well written! You have an amazing ability! How true, there are so many abortions every day. The babies don't get the choice to live or die- it is murder!

    Wonderful post! and thanks for your comments on my blog as well!!

  2. Beautifully written Jess!! It was amazing! ♥

  3. I have tears in my eyes because if Jordy and Callyn's birth moms had chosen abortion we wouldn't have two beautiful, special children to love and cherish. I thank the Lord that these two were spared.

    Your poem is beautifully written. Well done>

  4. You string words together so beautifully. God has been so kind to you with your gift. I hope to read more! Keep up and God bless you dearly :)

    Following you too. Hope you can drop by my blog and follow back..

  5. @Britt and Katherine: Thank you for your kind comments! :)

    @Kerry: I'm also so grateful that God spared Jordy and Callyn just for you; I just know that He has an amazing plan for your two wonderful children's lives! :)

    @Kayle: Thanks so much for the kind comment and for following my blog!! :)

    God bless,

  6. This is wonderful, Jess! And so very true. Thanks for being an encouragement and a brilliant blogger!


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