Thursday, 14 June 2012

And the Fun Begins.....

She put her pencil down, handed the paper in, gathered her things and left the room. It was finally over. She could hardly believe it. Later, on the way home, she stopped at a restaurant with some friends and climbed onto a swing. Swinging high, she laughed and shouted as if she’d lost her mind. Feeling so free, happy and relieved, she swung closer and closer to the sky, higher and higher in pure delight.....

I have some wonderful, relieving news..... I am finally on holiday! I wrote my last exam yesterday, though it hasn’t hit me yet. That paragraph above was about me and my complete relief that I’ve finally reached the end of this long road of studying.... for now anyway. I have been working so hard for the last three months; studying nearly all day and on weekends, just longing for a break. But now I can breathe and have a month of blissful days spent reading, writing, drawing and who knows what else. I must admit, though, that I feel a bit lost. As if I should be studying and not sitting here at the computer in my pyjamas.

However, until the end of the holidays I can relax. I’m really grateful to God for helping me through and for giving me the strength when I didn’t have any left. Then it’s back to finishing my last year of school. In South Africa-for those who aren’t familiar with our school system- our school year ends in November or December. As I’m homeschooled, I do AS levels (Cambridge curriculum) and split my exams into two sittings- May/June and October/November. And then after the end of the year- if I pass- I’m finished with school. But right now, however, I don’t even want to think about school. I just want to enjoy this deserved break I have before me and will spend my time trying not to be lazy but doing worthwhile things. And so the fun begins..... 


  1. Awe! ^_^ Goody for you... ^_^ As I'm out of school, since this past Fall, having graduated. =D I know, you're probably wondering..."What next" becuase, you know, most people do wonder what's next after school....Haha, but keep heart. God will show you his plan for your life, if you are patient. That is the key, but that also is the hardest part.
    Enjoy your break Jess. =D

  2. You deserve a good long break!! Enjoy every last second of it!

    Have a great day!

  3. Good you deserve a good long break!

  4. @Leah Mays, Thanks for your comment! Yes, I am at that place of "What next" and sometimes it's a confusing and worrying place, but as you say, God knows what the future holds!! Thanks for your encouragement. xoxo

    @Melissa and Katherine- Thanks so much, I will enjoy it!! :)

  5. So happy for you! You must enjoy it - well deserved, I'm sure! :)


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