Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dynamites come in small packages

Short-girl’s syndrome exists. I should know since I have the disease badly. Some people are born with this syndrome, like me, and others develop it later on in life. Some symptoms of short-girl’s syndrome are as follows:
·       Stunted height (or shortness)
·       Loudness
·       Developing a slightly cheeky attitude
·       The mentality to be a bit pushy in a teasing way
·       And last, but not least, the feeling of annoyance and dislike if anyone mentions anything of you being short.
If you have these symptoms then you are infected with short-girl’s syndrome. But don’t worry, this syndrome isn’t contagious or dangerous, though it may give you slightly lower outlook on your surroundings than others.
 Anyone who knows me will agree that I have this syndrome and they love to tease me about it. I have a suspicion that people at tennis purposefully lob the ball high so that it bounces  over my head and out of my reach. Oh how they love to laugh at me when they see I that no matter how hard I try, I can’t hit the ball back!
There is something my mom taught me when I was younger and sensitive about my height. She taught me the saying that dynamites came in small packages. This basically means that you may look seemingly small (whatever your height may be) and incapable of anything truly significant but that on the inside, you are capable of impacting people and this world in an amazing way. Never think that you’re too small or insignificant to make good changes in this world because dynamites come in small packages.
And if you are infected with short-girl’s syndrome like me, remember that you are just a dynamite in a small package. So world, don’t be fooled by my height. Watch out, because I am a dynamite in a small package!


  1. Amazingness blog! XD I got to here from Perin's blog, and I was directed to Perin's blog from Tangerine's blog ^_^ Yay! Networking...I think :P

    Yayness! I'm short, too! I'm normally quite cool about it, until a guy says something like: "Hey! I'm taller than Chi!" And then someone else says "Well, that's not much of an accomplishment..." 0_e (eye twitch) I'm a grade nine girl living in Canada and am 5 foot 3. That's short :( I also love to play basketball. It's my thing! And Forward is my favourite role, but last year the coach said I was too short to be a Forward, even though I got a lot of the shots in, and rebounded the ball most of the time...

    Aaah! Now I'm on a rant! :o

    Disregard the emoness up there ^^^^

    I like the way you write, by the way ^_^ I like how you're taking something like this, and dealing with it in a cool yet humourous fashion :D Like your style of writing is clean, but it has tons of voice and power in it

    I really like the example about dynamite, too. One of my friends says, "I may be short. but I'm fun-sized!" I need to get my own tagline, too... Hmm... :D

  2. Jess, you are for sure a dynamite in a small package! Besides, it's feminine to be short, I like it! In fact, I'm hoping I'll be short all my life...

    No one should judge you about your shortness, what if they're the average height? Then you can say "Well, look at you! You're just plain NORMAL."

    And if they're tall, you can say "Well look at you, you're so TALL."

    Your height is special because it's yours! :)

    Anyways, brilliant blog post,
    Jessie! (eek, was that a lame comment?) ;)

  3. @Chiaki, thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I live in South Africa and am about 1.605 meters, that's about 5.26 feet! Most of my friends are younger than me and basically all are taller, so I'm familiar with that expression "It's not much of an accomplishment!" It's so cool that I'm talking to someone living on the other side of the world!

    I really like your friend's saying by the way. Thanks for the encouraging comment! :)

    @Tane- thanks! It's not a lame comment but encouraging to us short people!

  4. Lol! You have a suspicion? Of course that's why we lob you! Haha! You are funny Jess, love the way you blog! I've known you for long, but I had no idea you were that good at writing! I loooove to tease you my friend, I hope you don't have any plans on growing taller? ;)

  5. P.S I love being tall... just thought I'd say it (Hahahahahahaha!!!). By the way, I like your pic. :)

  6. And I'm stuck at normal height...
    Nice page though, my family is really tall, so I have this syndrome too! The only problem with dynamite is that it blows things up xP

  7. @Perrin, hahahaha and thanks! but stop rubbing it in that you are tall! ;)

    @Kendi, thanks and at least you don't have to worry about being too short or too tall! I've always wanted to be average height! ;)


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