Monday, 14 November 2011

My Little Spot in the World

I live on a plot, where the house is surrounded by a very large garden. Beyond this garden is what we call the bush or veld, which are sections of fields. Our property isn’t very big; it’s just a plot, but there are spots out in the veld (an Afrikaans words meaning “field”) where I like spend time alone; just me, myself and God.

There is a section of our plot which has recently become my favourite outdoors spot. To get there, I creep out to the back of the house, hop over the short barb-wire fence (barely making it) and walk along a thin path, preferably barefoot (just don’t tell my dad that detail). I stroll along this path in somewhat of a day dreaming mood until I reach my little spot in the world.

Now don’t get too excited. It’s not a place of intensely breathtaking beauty, as the small city I live in isn’t known for being pretty (or much else). However, since I love nature and beauty, I’m able to find beauty if I look for it. I find this place pretty in its own way and it is my sanctuary of peace and alone time, unless of course my younger siblings are playing in the tree house at the edge of the garden. It’s amazing how far their voices travel and how they talk so loudly that you wouldn’t think that they were standing right next to each other. Even though this place may not have much significance, it is still my haven of nature.

In the first part of my spot, there are a few tall gum trees, with branches stretching to the sky that are full of ever-green/gold leaves. At the foot of these trees, the ground slopes ever-so-slightly to reach a tiny gathering of small gum trees, where I was sitting when I previously wrote this. Beyond this place is a small open field sheltered by under-sized trees (like me), which is full of yellow-green grass. The sun was streaming gently through the tips of the long tendrils of grass, causing them to glow. The sun spreads through the golden-green leaves of more small gum trees at the end of the field. This grove of trees is what my brother and I called the Forest of Joy when we were younger, though you can hardly call it a grove, never mind a forest!

Though my favourite place to sit is by the tall gum trees or gathering of small ones, I love to walk through the grass and amongst the grove of trees, just enjoying the peace and my Heavenly Father’s company.

This is the spot where I like to day dream and star dream (I don’t recommend sleepy dreams here though, as you’ll wake up feeling stiff and full of bark, leaves and sticks). This is the spot to sometimes write and talk to my Best Friend, Jesus. This is my spot to find inspiration and to be alone. This is my little spot in the world.


  1. Hi Jessie,
    That was an absolutely beautiful blog post! We all have our "little spot in the world" although mine is on my bed eating chocolate. Lol. No, actually it's not! Great blog post, Jess! Keep it up.
    Lots of love,
    Tane ♥

  2. That is a brilliant post filled with depth and feeling, well done Jess! I never knew you were so poetic, but wow, it's a great talent! Keep on using it and may God continue to further bless your work :)

    P.S I like what you've done to the background! If there is anything you want to know about blogging, please email me and I'll see what I can do for you:

  3. Thanks so much you two! And I might take you up on that, Perrin! ;) by the way Tane, I also absolutely LOVE chocolate!

  4. Cool you can also speak Afrikaans !
    even though I now live in new zealand {came here when I was nine} it is a habit to speak it!

    Baie mooi post!


  5. *le gasp* I love the new blog design (again)! Did you design it yourself? 0_o

    And your secrets place sounds totally awesome!! XD (Sorry for missing out on last week's post, by the way...) Your description is incredible! I actually felt like I was in your Little Spot (of awesomness :P) XD

  6. @Melissa, baie dankie! Ek is Engles, so ek kan net 'n biejie Afrikaans praat, maar ek leer! That's so cool! Do you like living in New Zealand? It looks beautiful!

    @Chiaki, Thanks! No I didn't design it but found the background on the internet.

  7. YA, It is quite nice!
    Very beautiful and safe!
    Though I do miss South Africa!



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