Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Land of the Dreamers

Dreamers come from a different land. Or more accurately, they go to a different land when they dream. Dreams are amazing things that require some imagination. There are three types of dreams that I have come across (if you can think of more, let me know):
Day Dreams
Star Dreams
Sleepy Dreams

Day Dreams - All in a Dayz
“Visionary creation of the imagination”                     
-Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (a definition of “dream”)

Day dreaming really sweeps you off to the land of the dreamers. People who day dream all the time are often very amusing. You can be having a serious conversation and then they say something that has nothing to do with it. Another funny thing about day dreamers is that they are so often out of things and seldom know what’s going on.

I must admit that I have been accused of being totally out of things. Though I’m not always off in “la la land” like some people, I can sometimes be so deep in my thoughts or way off in the land of the dreamers that I won’t even be listening to the conversation going on.

The time that I found to be the most appropriate for day dreaming when I was younger was when my mom was reading history or science aloud to my brother and I during school. It’s no wonder I got most of the questions wrong at the end of the lesson!

Unfortunately, you can’t travel with day dreamers to their land of dreams. You just have to make your own land. People who are creative and imaginative are often also day dreamers. So if you often go off in a daze and people tease you about it, don’t worry; you’re one of the people who are going to throw some colour into this world!

Star Dreams -Light Years
“Strongly desired goal or purpose”
-Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (a definition of “dream”)
This is the most wonderful type of dream. But it’s also the most disappointing and difficult. When our dreams don’t come true, we’re tempted to give up on them. Let me tell you something though: never give up on your dreams. Never stop dreaming. God can take you dreams, if they are good and according to His purpose, and turn them into a reality.
Sometimes our dreams take a long time to come true and we feel disheartened. In every disappointment we face, however, I believe that God has a good plan in it. Jesus loves everyone and He loves it when we dream good, big dreams. You may wonder why He doesn’t let some of those dreams come true, if He’s concerned about them. Often He doesn’t let some things happen the way we hoped it would because He knew that in the end that something would hurt us. Or maybe He has something better in store for us, something we can’t yet see.
So never stop dreaming. Dream of the wonderful things you want to do in your lifetime; dream of the things that you’d like to happen. Dream of good things; of things that you love and things that you are passionate about. Dream, and see what God will do.
So don’t leave the land of the dreamers. But as you dream, remember also that life isn’t always easy; that we will face disappoints and trials, and that our dreams won’t always come true. When you face these times, don’t give up and remember that Jesus is always with you! Dream of the “light years” that will come amidst the darkness!

Sleepy Dreams --Nighties
“Series of thoughts, images or emotions during sleep.”
-Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (a definition of “dream”)

I’ve been doing some research on dreams and I find it very interesting how people are trying to come up with reasons why we dream during sleep. No one can come up with a scientific reason why we dream at night. Dreams are mysterious, with no apparent reason for being there. Whatever the reason is for why we do off to the land of the dreamers, I have had some pretty crazy dreams in my life.

Once I dreamt that one of those robots for kids, that they used sell in the shops, was chasing me up and down the aisles, and I couldn’t switch it off. Another time I dreamt that two friends of mine disappeared from a hotel into to another land and that I went in search of them. But my favourite dreams are those of when I am flying. I love that feeling of soaring through the air, way above the ground and trying to go as fast as I can.

Even my pets dream. I know that, not because they told me so (sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t talk to animals), but because of the movements they make in their sleep. Our one dog’s legs starts moving, as if he’s chasing a rabbit in his dreams, and it is really funny to watch.

Unfortunately, we also have bad dreams. The only good thing about nightmares is the fact that they aren’t real. Besides bad dreams, I enjoy going to the land of the dreamers during the night, especially if the dream is funny or pleasant.
We may not know why we dream, but just enjoy the creativity of the mind when you do dream good dreams. So good night and dream sweet in your nighties tonight. ;)


  1. Great post Jess, I also love what you've done with your background! Very pretty :) I don't get sleepy dreams very often, aren't you only supposed to get them when you aren't sleeping very well? That's what I was told. Beautifully written ;)

  2. The two dreams that I have the most are Star and Sleepy dreams. The thing is, you are absolutely right, Jess! I, as well, love what you have done to your blog background!
    Day dreaming I do not usually do...
    The once I had a dream that my bed was piled up with sweeties, and all the types that I like.
    Sadly, when I woke up, they were not there. :(
    Yes, you must think I'm greedy
    to have dreams about food! :D Anyway,
    Wonderful blog post, Jessie!

  3. @Perrin, thanks! And no, you dream during REM sleep, which is a deep sleep. So you have to be sleeping well to dream. I really like how you've done your blog.

    @Tane, hahaha I love that sweetie dream! Don't worry I've also had dreams about food, it's so sad when you have to wake up though! thanks for the comment Tane!


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