Saturday, 21 July 2012

Infinitely Great

Lately, God has been revealing some things to me. One of those things is that He is big. That might sound strange, as we know that God is big- or do we? Do we only know it in our minds but not really in our hearts? What He has been showing me is something of how big He is. He is bigger than my problems, than my fears, than my doubts; bigger than anything I will ever go through. He is infinitely great.

Sometimes I forget this. In the midst of worries and trouble, I forget at times how powerful and mighty my God is. When we overlook the solid and unchanging fact that God has everything in control and that He has our lives in His very hands, we begin to worry.  As human beings, we are prone to anxiety, yet it is actually a sign of not trusting God. It is a sign that we do not understand that He can turn our bad into good; it is sign that we do not really believe that He knows what He is doing. It sounds harsh and burns my own ears, but it’s true. We need to realise that trust means to stop worrying and doubting; it means to rely fully on God.

It’s a challenge, but it’s one that will make our lives so much easier. The fact that Jesus is greater than every single thing in the entire universe is a source of immense comfort. Just knowing that God has my future under control puts my apprehension to rest. Fully relying on God will take a huge burden off of our shoulders. As you surrender everything into His hands, know that nothing is too difficult or too complicated for Him.  Though we will let worry and doubt overcome us at times, remember how powerful our Saviour is. Remember that He is infinitely great.


  1. Great post Jess! This is so true, so many times I think that I can do things on my own, but God is so infinitely great He is in control of everything and I am just a part of His great plan! :) Thanks for this reminder!!! :)

  2. This is EXACTLY what I've been thinking lately...thank you so much for this post! :) Gina X

  3. hey you got a beautiful blog... hope we can follow each other.....

  4. Oh Jess, this is so convicting and encouraging. You are an amazing writer and I know that God has great plans for you. If you could pray for my family that would be great. We are adopting two kids from Africa, and going through a tough spot in the process.


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