Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Ocean's Symphony

A blue-green expanse of turbulent water and pounding waves stretch as far as the eye can see. The sound of crashing water fills the air, as white foam sprays into the sky. The ocean. The very name sends thrills up my spine. Closing my eyes, I feel that something about the wild yet beautiful ocean is calling out to me. It also brings to mind afresh the power and majesty of the One who created it.

The ocean has a voice of its own, though it’s not one of endless words. It’s a symphony made up of rolling waves, crashing water, a salty spray and smell, and a never-ending beauty. It whispers a story of Someone who arouses awe and wonder; a story of Someone who is full of power and glory: the Lord of the Universe. Looking out at something so dangerous, yet so wonderful, as the ocean and knowing that Jesus can silence it with a word reminds me again of how great my God is. Just knowing that He created it proves what a powerful and amazing God I serve.

Furthermore, the joys the ocean and its surrounding offer me are great. Walking along the beach, exploring rock pools, searching for shells and romping on sand dunes are wonderful pleasures. But best of all is running along the shore with the soft, white sand between my toes, a sea breeze and salty spray in my face and water coming and going around my ankles. It brings a sort of peaceful and contented joy. Not many words can describe the beauty of the ocean and none can describe the glory and majesty of the Creator. 

Why do I love the ocean so much? Perhaps that mysterious and magnificent span of water brings me closer to my Saviour. Perhaps the whispers of the ocean’s symphony tug at my heart, as they not only speak to me but also send up songs of praise towards heaven and I want to sing along. And finally, perhaps the wild and untamed ocean stirs up something within me, something that wishes to be carried away on its waters on a ship bent on adventure.....

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