Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Groans of the Enslaved

27 million. That’s the number of people today who are held in slavery. That’s the number of innocent lives wrecked by bondage and enslaved by others. Denied all the rights of a human being, they are forced into a life as someone else’s property. In the 21st Century, these slaves are real. We just don’t see them and we just can’t hear them. They are a voiceless people who earnestly want to be free. The groans of the enslaved are reaching up to heaven, but shall we turn a deaf ear? They need a voice. They need you and I.

When we think of slavery, we think of people in slave markets, in chains and fields hundreds of years ago. We see it as a thing of the past. But there are slaves in every country, right under our noses.  Somehow, it’s just not so obvious that there are more slaves today than in any other era in history. Slavery has been covered up and swept under the mat out of sight. Society has turned a blind eye, but the enslaved ones are waiting to be heard; they’re waiting be freed.

We sit in our comfy homes, living our own lives, while 27 million people are held in captivity and can’t go anywhere without permission. 27 million people are being forced into labour, prostitution, war soldiers and other forms of slavery. 27 million people! -27 million people that cannot be ignored. We all have a part to play in freeing the slaves. They are only voiceless because we haven’t given them a voice. The public needs to be told. We have to step into action and stop waiting around for someone else to fix the problem. We need to spark some radical change in this world. We need to free the slaves! Hear and respond to their groans that are rising heavenward........ 


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  2. I love the way you write! It is so powerful!


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